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Why choose us?

Here are some key reasons to choose us.

Competitive Price

Due to our mass production, we will supply the best quality machines at lower prices.

Short Delivery Time

Delivery within 20 days for standard machines and 45 days for customized machines.


All machines are inspected by our QC department before shipment.

Quality Assurance

Each product is covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-2 year warranty on parts.

Expert Solutions

We will provide professional expert advice on the machines you need.

Technical Support

When a failure occurs, our technicians are on call for online and on-site correction.

Our Satisfied Customers

laser cutting machine104

laser cutting machine104

Our Satisfied Customers

Lsaac Paiz

DXTECH Services is a team of high-quality engineers who have been dedicated to providing the best manufacturing solutions for sheet metal bending and forming in the past decade, and providing high-quality and reliable products as well as excellent customer support and after-sales service to more than 8000 customers worldwide. Through cooperation with DXTECH Laser, we have more than 50 customers who are using our reliable and powerful products and have received positive feedback and recommendations. We supply DXTECH Laser’s bending machines, shearing machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and other machinery.

Fathi Shudda

It has been a wonderful experience and journey to work with DXTECH, one of the top CNC press brake manufacturers in the world. DXTECH machines are strong in design, strict in quality, and beautiful in appearance. The most satisfying part is that the performance of the machine is appreciated by all customers. Due to DXTECH’s timely response and strong support in marketing, on-time delivery commitment, and fast after-sales service; we have sold more than 35 machines in The Australia region in the past two years. The future outlook with DXTECH always gives us an edge over the competition in the Indian market.

Fernando Cueto

DXTECH has been providing strong support for sheet metal processing solutions in Central and South America for the past 10 years. As one of the first agents to cooperate with DXTECH, our team has sold more than 50 machines. DXTECH machines are highly appreciated for their high-quality and sturdy design, beautiful appearance, and consistent performance. This has brought us repeat customers, more satisfied and happy customers. We sincerely thank DXTECH for their support and cooperation at every moment, whether it is the timely delivery of machines, parts, or services.

Ahmed Ghonim

Last year we won the exclusive agency right of DXTECH bending machine in Egypt. In more than a year, we sold more than 10 bending machines, which brought us huge profits. In the after-sales return visit of the machine, we found that DXTECH’s after-sales service is the most commendable, whether it is accessories or systems. If there is a problem, their engineers will respond as soon as possible, and strive to solve the problem perfectly! It has been a wonderful experience and journey to work with DXTECH, one of the top CNC press brake manufacturers in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? we have the answer

Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer. Since our establishment in 2010, we have more than 10 years of production experience.

DXTECH factory
DXTECH factory
Where is your company?

Our company is based in China and ships globally. The specific location is Jinan City, Shandong Province. If you plan to visit, we can arrange a private car to pick you up from the airport.

How long does it take to deliver the machine?

Usually, we ship within 30 days. If the machine is a non-standard customized product, it may take longer. But the delivery time of such machines will not exceed 50 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, and Money Gram, 30% deposit in advance, and 70% payment before delivery. However, for special customers, we can provide better payment methods.

What is the warranty period of your machine?

Our warranty period for regular machines is one year, and for special non-standard machines, we can provide 2-3 years warranty period. Please confirm the warranty period with our sales team in advance. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts.

Do you accept OEM customization?

Yes, we accept OEM customization, including customized appearance, color, configuration, etc. But please note that the price of customized products may be slightly higher. Please contact our business team for more details.

What is the minimum order quantity of your machine?

The minimum quantity we accept is one piece and can be customized by OEM to meet your specific needs.

How does your company provide after-sales service?

Our mechanical engineers provide remote assistance to solve minor problems that may arise during the use of the machine. This includes one-on-one coaching, with the option to send text instructions or videos to help you with your questions. If any parts need to be replaced during the warranty period, we will provide them for free. However, you can also buy parts locally to save time. If remote guidance is not enough to solve more serious problems, we will arrange for on-site service by engineers. In areas where we have agents, we will contact them directly to provide services.

How do you charge for sea freight?

Ocean freight charges are usually determined by the forwarder. You can choose to arrange delivery using our freight forwarder or choose your own freight forwarder.

How can I make sure the machine I ordered is right for me?

Before placing an order, our sales team will have a detailed and in-depth communication with you to determine your specific requirements. We’ll then recommend the right machine configuration for your needs, ensuring you buy the best machine for your business. Our priority is not to recommend more expensive machines to generate sales, as an expensive machine may not be the best fit for your needs.

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